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Penny Leigh Sebring is a writer of fiction that stretches the imagination and challenges tropes and expectations. She is devoted to giving her readers compelling and endearing characters that live in a connected universe, where they can find adventures with interesting people and animals, which are sometimes cuddly, but often not.

Influenced by Orson Scott Card, J. R. R. Tolkien, and Octavia Butler, she brings her love of interesting people, unusual animals, and immersive worlds to life in stories that are both tense and tender, with hopefulness for the good of what humanity is and can be.

A hundred years from now, catastrophes, both natural and man-made, have had a devastating effect on Earth’s ecosystem. Humanity is nearly extinguished. In desperation, most of the remaining humans ascend to the sky, taking great swaths of the planet’s crust with them, and leaving behind a place they call terra laesa, the Injured Earth.