Kindle Vella Serial Stories

by Kiki’s Castle authors

Take a journey of discovery through the animal kingdom. From the humble honeybee to the elusive giant squid, each creature on the planet has survived due to its own unique adaptations. In each episode of Nine Fascinating Facts, we will divulge and delve into nine facts about one specific creature.

Charlie is a simple, but inept farmer living with his Ma and ten-year-old labrador retriever, Judy. When a meteor lands in his back forty and all hell breaks loose, he and his canine companion will have to work together to save the world, while dragging his ancient mother, Dolores Dufresne along for the ride.

The civilizations of the world ascend to the sky, but what actually happened? This collection of short stories is an intriguing portrait of humanity shown in slices of time, both before and after a series of plagues has changed Earth forever. Find out what is hidden just out of sight – not quite On the Surface.

Jeffrey’s big dream is to meet his literary idol, Stephen King, but every attempt is thwarted by circumstance. When he finally comes face-to-face with the man himself at a random 7-11, things don’t go quite as he’d imagined.

Facing down giant bees is no job for adults.

In the Greek countryside, a group of school-aged children arrive at work. Their job? To retrieve honey from giant honey bees who aggressively defend their hive. In this job, small mistakes can be deadly. And small children are bound to make mistakes.

(Originally published in Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, December 2019)

Meet Bubba Rickenbacher. He’s handsome, he’s dapper, and he’s a devil in danger of losing his job. When he’s given an ultimatum he’ll have to pull out all his devilish tricks to remain in power, or fail and end up in the Hellbound Sanitation Department. Or worse!

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Planned Publications by Kiki’s Castle Independent Press, LLC

Corrupted Christmas Chronicles.

Ebook scheduled for release Fall, 2023!

Four Twisted Tales of Holiday Horror!

What happens when kids end up on the naughty list? Or catch Santa Claus in the act? What if the answer is darker than you’ve been led to believe?

Gladys the Vampire by Heather Hein

A novelized and expanded version of Gladys the Vampire is planned for release in e-book and paperback form for 2024!

Nine of Pentacles by Penny Leigh Sebring

After the majority of the human race was lost to a particularly devastating bacteria, blind nurse Miranda Torres spent decades living in a remote cabin in the forest with only her Harpy Eagle to keep her company. When eight-year-old Fern knocks on her cabin door looking for help, Miranda answers, but can she lead the girl home?