We’re on Kindle Vella!

Author Penny Leigh Sebring now has two options available to read on Kindle Vella!

Queen Bees

Facing down giant bees is no job for adults.

In the Greek countryside, a group of school-aged children arrive at work. Their job? To retrieve honey from giant honeybees who aggressively defend their hive. In this job, small mistakes can be deadly. And small children are bound to make mistakes.

Queen Bees was our flagship Vella product, released the summer of 2022. It is a single short story broken down into a dozen easy-to-digest episodes.

(Originally published in Utopia Science Fiction Magazine, December 2019)

On the Surface

Most of the world’s civilizations ascend to the sky, but what actually happened? This collection of short stories is an intriguing portrait of humanity shown in slices of time, both before and after a series of plagues has changed Earth forever. Find out what is hidden just out of sight—not entirely On the Surface.

On the Surface is an ongoing collection of short stories that began posting to Vella in October, 2022.

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